Sunday, October 9, 2011

Is life about living or about learning too?

We consider ourselves to be a highly evolved species, perhaps because we seem to have cracked the code to survival. But is life only about surviving, or rather, existing?
Some questions I would perpetually bombard my mother with, to which she was not able to respond suitably (probably because these were wierd questions coming from a 14-year-old), was, "Why is it that we all have to do the same thing? Everybody goes to university, gets married, has children, then grandchildren, and then dies. Why does everyone have to fit into this pattern?).
I seem to have found some sort of answer from Maslow's hierarchy of needs, which explains that some people at the bottom of the metaphorical pyramid are fine with meeting basic level needs, and that other people who are higher up in the pyramid have higher needs for self actualization.
But surely this is not the complete story. I met up with a friend after a span of seven years and found that he had made no progress in his life whatsoever, in terms of professional growth or personal growth. Just stuck in a time warp. My question is, no matter where we may be placed in Maslow's pyramid, should there not be some effort to lift ourselves up?
Is life only about living or about learning and bettering ourselves too?